SK Blades

Taking the knives you love to the extreme!

I remember my very first knife.  It was one of those tiny Swiss Army knives with a blade, scissors, and some sort of file with a flat head screw driver attachment.  It also had the little toothpick and tweezers that slid into the body.  I think I was about 7 when I got that for Christmas.  I can't tell you how many band-aids I went through that first year.  Since that day, I've had a love for blades.  Whether they be swords, knives, or some new Wolverine claw at the local fair, I've been an avid collector ever since. 

I feel so grateful to be in a position that I can now search for and offer knives as a dealer that get me excited!  I hope you like the specialties that are on this site, and I hope they make you as happy as that little Swiss Army made 7 year old me.